WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 136 - Semblance / Mess - Bloody Disgusting
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WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 136 – Semblance / Mess



Today’s foray into the World of Death has us exploring the relationship between men, razor blades, and the bathroom mirror. It’s a complicated relationship, one forged in prepubescence that stays with us until the end of days. The albatross of well maintained facial hair is a burden most men of age know well, and these two short films cut right to the terrifying heart of that relationship.

First up we have Semblance by Levi Caleb Smith of California, USA. Semblance spins the yarn of a man that wakes up after giving one too many mustache rides in desperate need of a makeover. Unfortunately his mustache is a little less eager to be removed from the equation. Hilarity ensues. One could fault the film’s protagonist for having grown a Hitler mustache in the first place (if you don’t already HAVE the Hitler mustache then there’s no need to SHAVE the Hitler mustache when the cops are looking for you) but that’s neither here nor there. It’s a good flick. The ending really goes balls out and delivers.

Round out today’s episode is Mess from Colorado’s own Sam Lowery and Anthony Martinez. Anthony Martinez pulls double duty here, not only as one of the directors, but also giving a tour de force performance as the lead actor in this one man show about the perils of shaving. The simple act of shaving goes horribly wrong for our protagonist and let’s say Mess isn’t just a clever title. This however, one scrappy little flick. It was fun. The kids’ got moxy. Give it a shot.

Those invisible, World of Death tendrils that connect two seemingly unconnected groups of filmmakers never cease to amaze me. Horror movies are just the modern day equivalent of scary stories told round the campfire, and today we learned there is something universally terrifying about standing in front of a mirror with a razor in your hand. Rock over London, Rock on Chicago.

– Pat O’Sullivan

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