WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 189 - Ghostbleeder / It Will Come Back - Bloody Disgusting
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WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 189 – Ghostbleeder / It Will Come Back



This week’s installment of World of Death dives head first into the limits of control (not the Jim Jarmusch film). If you’re a fan of retro horror, ghost stories and Donald Trump’s head painted in nosebleed blood, then you won’t want to miss this episode!

Right off the bat, I knew Niklas Coskan’s Ghost Bleeder was something really special. Eerie pastels and saturated neon coat this style-drenched film of a girl being manipulated to kill by her “nosebleeds.” On the surface, the premise might seem simple but Coskan commits completely to his world and has crafted a masterful piece of throwback horror in the process. Explaining anything more would do this mini-masterpiece a disservice. Instead, you should go for the nosebleeds and stay for the visuals, music, performances, style and literally everything else.

I’ll be honest, Ghost Bleeder was a tough act to follow but the WOD team has found a perfect companion piece. Jose Cañas’ It Will Come Back is a highly effective chiller that uses details and symbols to maximum effect. A missing person, a music box, a chair, and a rope are all twisted in unexpected and unnerving ways. Cañas’ film really catches you off guard and most viewers going in will be pleasantly surprised once that tingle starts creeping up their spine. It Will Come Back plot doesn’t offer many answers, but it does offer the scares so who’s complaining?

– Jordan Wippell


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