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This Malaysian ‘Amityville’ Poster Stole From ‘The Possession Experiment’



We didn’t want to make baseless accusations without doing the work first, but after doing some digging it appears that the Malaysian poster art for Amityville: The Awakening, being distributed by TVG Pictures on June 29th, plagiarized The Possession Experiment‘s art in more than one way.


On first glance, you’ll notice they are similarly designed, with a demonic/possessed face in the top left corner, and a structure of sorts underneath. Copying a layout is nothing new, and isn’t even all that big of a deal, but to actually use imagery from another film is absolutely bonkers. The far right screencap of actress K.T Fanelli comes directly from The Possession Experiment‘s trailer that we dropped in April 2016. As you can see, whoever designed the Malaysian art for Amityville used not only the same layout but also the same shot from The Possession Experiment. It’s pretty crazy.

While this is blatant thievery, it should be known that there are different distributors for films across the globe and that many, if not most of the people involved in Amityville were most probably unaware such an atrocity took place. It’s uncommon for filmmakers to get approval on art from all distributors and to see everything that’s being created and released in all of the different territories. It’s so, so, so important to understand this because the last thing I want is to see horror fans with torches going after Blumhouse, Dimension, The Weinstein Company or the film’s director and producers. The only people who need to answer for this at this time are Malaysian distributor TVG Pictures. We’ll update if there’s carry over.

In the meantime, watch this spot for another Amityville delay here in the States as I’m told it’s imminent.

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