New York Times Honors "The Year of Horror" With Incredible Star-Studded Photo Shoot - Bloody Disgusting
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New York Times Honors “The Year of Horror” With Incredible Star-Studded Photo Shoot



Yes, that’s totally Andy Serkis as Pennywise. Enjoy the nightmares.

While it was expected that horror fans like ourselves would recognize how awesome this year has been for horror, it’s been a welcome surprise just how much love the genre has been getting from mainstream outlets here in 2017. Many of this year’s horror films are up for big time awards, shockingly, and The New York Times Magazine even just took it upon themselves to dub 2017 “The Year of Horror”!

This weekend’s “Great Performers” issue of The New York Times Magazine features Nicole Kidman on the cover, looming over the big red words “The Year of Horror.”

The entire issue is devoted to horror, highlighted by a photo shoot that saw 10 of this year’s best actors, including Kidman, Saoirse Ronan, Andy Serkis, Daniel Kaluuya and Jake Gyllenhaal, depicting classic horror movie archetypes.

If horror movies were some of the year’s most illuminating, they were also some of the year’s cleverest and most fun,” writes the mag. “So we asked the actors who gave this year’s greatest performances to interpret the genre’s archetypes. Duck under a bedsheet, slip in a set of fangs, smear on some makeup, lose your mind and “Boo!”: You’ve captured 2017.”

You can read the full article over on the New York Times Magazine’s website.