Horror's Most Popular Stories of 2017 - Bloody Disgusting
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Horror’s Most Popular Stories of 2017

Take a look back through the most viewed horror stories of the year.



[talking into tape recorder] Nobody… nobody trusts anybody now, and we’re all very tired… there’s nothing more I can do, just wait… R. J. MacReady, helicopter pilot, US outpost #31.

It seems like the whole world went a little crazy in 2017 and most people can’t wait for it to end. For horror fans though, we had a year filled with record-breaking blockbusters and critically acclaimed films.  As the year comes to a close I always think it’s fun to take a look back at the most popular stories on Bloody Disgusting. So, here’s a look back at the most viewed stories from 2017!

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15. Jason Voorhees gets a new video game!

Here’s Exactly When You’ll Be Able to Play ‘Friday the 13th: The Game’

14.  Home Alone… with blood is just what we all needed.

Brilliant Artist is Digitally Adding Blood and Gore to ‘Home Alone’ Scenes

13. The Babadook becomes an LGBT icon!

‘The Babadook’ is Trending for the Most Unexpected Reason

12. Tom Hardy is Venom!

Marvel Just Cast Tom Hardy as ‘VENOM’!

11. We get a close look at IT‘s new Losers’ Club

Second ‘IT’ Trailer Highlights the New Losers’ Club

10. The Bye Bye Man started off as a genuinely creepy short story.

The Urban Legend That Inspired ‘The Bye Bye Man’ is Pretty Damn Creepy

9. Stephen King recommends a few good horror films

15 Modern Horror Movies Stephen King Has Personally Recommended

8. Bill Skarsgård shows us why he was born to play Pennywise

[Video] Bill Skarsgård Doing the Pennywise Smile Without Makeup is Even Creepier

7. Apparently the whole internet wants to see Pennywise eat a baby…

Highly Disturbing ‘IT’ Deleted Scene Had Pennywise Eating a Baby?!

6. The IT hype train kicks off with our first look at footage straight out of SXSW

We’ve Seen Footage From Stephen King’s ‘It’!

5. “What the world is going to see is one of the darkest, most powerful supervillains that Marvel has ever created. It’s going to be carnage.”

‘Venom’ Will Boast a Dark and Powerful Carnage

4. We LOVE Shark Week, and it seems like you all do too

Here’s the Full “Shark Week” 2017 Schedule!

3.  The gang is getting back together, Rob Zombie is resurrecting ‘The Devil’s Rejects’!

Rob Zombie is Resurrecting ‘The Devil’s Rejects’! [Exclusive]

2. Director Johannes Roberts explains the ending for 47 Meters Down

So How About That ’47 Meters Down’ Ending? Director Explains

1. Elvira is an ever-present, iconic figure in the horror world… and this proves it. Here’s the most popular story of the year!

Elvira Just Launched Her Own Clothing Line

Here’s to a kick-ass 2018!