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Listen to Director’s Internet Exclusive ‘Hellraiser: Judgment’ Commentary Track



Last month saw the release of Gary J. Tunnicliffe‘s Hellraiser: Judgment, which was written and directed by the franchise’s longtime makeup artist. If you picked up the DVD or Blu-ray, you found 7-minutes of deleted/extended scenes and a short gag reel on the disc, but sadly no commentary track from Tunnicliffe.

Personally, I’m a firm believer that *every* movie should come packaged with a commentary, so I’m happy to see that Tunnicliffe took it upon himself to record one.

The YouTube channel Midnight’s Edge brings this feature length commentary track to the table, so sync it up with the movie and enjoy at your leisure!

The new film tells the story of three detectives as they struggle to catch a killer, but instead find themselves thrust into the depths of Pinhead’s hellacious landscape.

“Three detectives trying to stop a diabolical serial killer are sucked into a maze of otherworldly horror, where hellish denizens including the Auditor, the Assessor, and the Jury await to pass judgment.”

Including a cameo by horror icon Heather Langenkamp (A Nightmare on Elm Street), Hellraiser: Judgment stars Paul T. Taylor, Gary J. Tunnicliffe, Damon Carney, Randy Wayne, Alexandra Harris, John Gulager, Mike Jay Regan, Diane Goldner, Andi Powers, Jeff Fenter, Helena Grace Donald, and Grace Montie (read about their roles).


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