Cannes Title 'Threshold’ a Modern Minotaur Horror Story [Exclusive] - Bloody Disgusting
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Cannes Title ‘Threshold’ a Modern Minotaur Horror Story [Exclusive]



Bloody Disgusting exclusively learned of the new horror/fantasy Threshold, a retelling of the Minotaur myth heading to Cannes.

The film hails from Prolific Pictures, with Michael Hayes (Fire City : End of Days) and Brian Kelly Jones producing a script by George Kaplan.

Threshold tells of a group of graduating college seniors that find themselves stuck in the spooky residence of the college President after a graduation party. The house changes as they move through it, no passage leading the same way twice. They soon discover the house is a labyrinth, and at its center is an ancient monster of mythology. As they are eaten one by one, they learn they are part of a ritual and must find their way out of the house by solving the maze if they are going to survive.

A director is to be announced post-Cannes.


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