Sesame Street Took 'The Happytime Murders' to Court and the Ejaculating Puppets Already Won the Case - Bloody Disgusting
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Sesame Street Took ‘The Happytime Murders’ to Court and the Ejaculating Puppets Already Won the Case



To recap, Sesame Workshop filed a lawsuit one week ago against Brian Henson’s upcoming rated “R” puppet movie The Happytime Murders, specifically targeting the marketing of the film. In summation, they say the promotion makes unauthorized use of the Sesame Street mark with the tagline, “No Sesame. All Street”. Furthermore, they claim that the sexually explicit, for-adults material of The Happytime Murders damages the wholesome Sesame Street brand, which the marketing links itself to.

In response, STX Entertainment issued a response from a puppet lawyer this week.

Just one week after the suit was filed, a New York judge has already tossed it out on the grounds that Sesame Workshop “didn’t demonstrate that moviegoers were confused or that sponsors or parents were complaining” about the marketing for The Happytime Murders. This means STX Entertainment can continue marketing the film as they wish.

So, uh, hooray for ejaculating puppets?!

The Happytime Murders, starring Melissa McCarthy, arrives on August 17.

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