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‘Jason Goes to Hell’ Director Adam Marcus is Developing… a Creighton Duke Spinoff Film?!



Easily the most interesting aspect of the oft-maligned Jason Goes to Hell was the character of Creighton Duke, a bounty hunter played by actor Steven Williams. Unlike the typical Friday the 13th character, Duke was incredibly knowledgeable about Jason Voorhees and dedicated his life to stopping him, ultimately losing his battle but helping to send Jason to Hell.

All these years later, it seems that director Adam Marcus (Secret Santa) is working on what sounds like a Creighton Duke spinoff film! In a chat with Cinema Toast Crunchcast this week, now available on iTunes, Marcus dropped the exclusive first info on what he describes as being “a Creighton Duke-inspired film.”

I have a movie… you’re the first ones I’ve talked about this to… that is a completely Creighton Duke-inspired movie,” Marcus told the podcast. “We’re doing that next year. I can tell you that I’m talking with Steven Williams about this. I’m dead serious about this movie. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for years. For me, that was the character that I gave a crap about. That’s the guy that I adore. And, I’m tellin’ ya, I have something up my sleeve that’s gonna knock people out.”

What’s interesting about this approach is that Marcus really wouldn’t need the approval of any of the Friday the 13th rights holders, as he could easily make a movie starring Steven Williams as a bounty hunter character who’s clearly Creighton Duke… but not really. As long as he didn’t mention Jason or the Friday franchise directly, we’re thinking he could actually get away with it, which would be pretty cool to see. An unofficial Jason Goes to Hell spinoff, if you will.

For now, Marcus is remaining tight-lipped about the project, but we’ll keep you posted if/when we learn more. Here’s hoping he actually goes through with this crazy idea.

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