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Rob Zombie Shares the Evolution of Otis’ Beard Throughout the Years



Rob Zombie is currently editing his 3 From Hell, which will likely be arriving in early 2019. Bill Moseley reunites with Firefly fam Sid Haig and Sheri Moon Zombie in the film, which also brings back Danny Trejo‘s Rondo.

Zombie’s been having fun throughout the editing process in sharing various shots from the film as well as posters. Today he looks back at the evolution of Moseley’s Otis, which shows an attention to “beard” detail. Yeah, it’s longer.

Sure, this post is a little clickbait-y, but I actually got a little giddy in seeing Otis side-by-side-by-side throughout the years from House of 1,000 Corpses to 3 From Hell.

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