Alien Zombie Death Trailer - Bloody Disgusting
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Alien Zombie Death Trailer



I’ve decided it’s zombie day. I’m going to tell you about zombie games until your head explodes. How do you feel about side scrolling shooters? Alien Zombie Death is kind of like old skool Contra. Except you are a lone spaceman fighting alien zombies.

You can get the game for the PSP Mini right now for only 5 american dollars. That’s a good deal. And if you want, you can head past the break for some screens and features. Featuring:-
– wholesome retro platform shoot-em-up carnage
– 14 levels of endless survival gameplay
– 112 medals to collect as trophies for your victims
– Power-ups, score bonuses and mutiplier goodness
– Absurdly low priced original PSP goods gov’ner


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