Resident Evil Revelations Eye Goodies - Bloody Disgusting
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Resident Evil Revelations Eye Goodies



A lot of you are hemming and hawing at the fact that this upcoming Resident Evil is going to be on the Nintendo 3DS. Well, suck it up babies. Because it’s looking awesome. It will probably turn out to be one of the best 3rd person shooters on any hand held system ever. Yeah, I said it.

Revelations will bridge the gap between Resident Evil 4 and 5. Not too much else is known about the game as of right now, but we are looking at a return of classic puzzle solving, and exploration that brought us to love the series when it 1st started. We’re also at some settings on a ship, a port town, a snowy mountain, and more. Screens and my wish for an epic video game merger beyond the break. Ok, hear me out. The 2 biggest names in horror, Silent Hill, and Resident Evil, should merge together for some kind of epic spin off. Maybe the BSAA gets called in to investigate the mysterious happenings of Silent Hill? Yeah, it should happen. Enjoy the screens.

There is no release date for Revelations, and it is exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS.


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