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E3: An Outbreak of New Operation Raccoon City Gameplay



Fresh from E3 today Capcom revealed some new gameplay for the highly anticipated Outbreak style spinoff, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. The jump in quality not just in the visuals but the amount of detail in the environments set in the crumbling Raccoon City since we last saw the game in action is obvious. The best thing about these videos is they give us a much better taste of what to expect when we’re playing the game; it’s over the shoulder, the melee combat is nice and violent, and the cover system seems well implemented (though there’s only so much you can glean without playing it hands-on).

That was Bertha, the USS’ resident dominatrix, in action, and after the jump you’ll find a bunch more details on the game as well as another gameplay video (spoiler: it has lickers!)

As you’re fighting your way through countless zombies and an assortment of BOWs, you’ll come across Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield. Obviously, the two are high priority targets for your team so you’ll also be tasked with taking them down.

Now, originally we thought there were only four members of the Umbrella Security Service, but apparently there’s actually six. The fifth member has been unveiled with the unfortunate title of Four-Eyes, and she’s the team’s field scientist who has the useful ability of manipulating the T-Virus to control nearby BOWs. The sixth member is the team’s captain, a man named Lupo, but not much is known about him yet.


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