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‘Maniac’ Remake Deal Closed, Update on ‘Maniac Cop’



Some really interesting news came out of the New York City Horror Film Festival where Bloody Disgusting’s John Marrone was on on hand to witness William Lustig receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award. During his acceptance speech he revealed that a deal is closed on a remake of Maniac and also updated the status on the reboot of Maniac Cop (both films he directed). Read on for the skinny.
Lustig on the ‘Maniac’ remake last night at NYCHFF when he accepted the Lifetime Achievement Award:

We already made a deal for the remake of ‘Maniac’ – there is a remake of ‘Maniac’ thats on its way, believe it or not. That deal is already closed. Now, Larry and I are in discussions for the remake of ‘Maniac Cop’. We’re not gonna be involved, but we’ll collect a check. Actually, on the remake of ‘Maniac’, it’s gonna say produced by William Lustig, but I’m going to have the least amount of involvement as a producer on the movie.

Lustig has also has no urge to direct again.

I guess I got spoiled. When I made films, there was a real possibility, whether they were big or small, that they made cinemas. To me making a movie just to go straight-to-video or straight-to-cable is not very interesting to me. I don’t understand the whole economics of making movies today. If it’s not going to be financially rewarding, or emotionally rewarding, why go out there and break your hump? I’d rather get a good night’s sleep.


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