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Download A New Meshuggah Track FO’ FREE!!!



Meshuggah has teamed up with Scion A/V to bring you a free download of I Am Colossus, the first track on their latest album Koloss. The song is slow burning, evil, and makes you feel like you need to shower afterwards. You can snag the download from the widget below.
Meshuggah drummer Tomas Haake states, “‘I Am Colossus’ is way more straightforward than the thrash metal we grew up with. At the same time, it does pose its own difficulties for us as players. It will probably be one of the first songs we attempt to play on tour. The solo – which is basically two long notes that are slow bends – just turned out beautiful. Such an understatement as a guitar solo. Sometimes a slow song is just as aggressive as a fast one.”
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