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‘Bedbugs’ Rejuvinated in Light of Recent Outbreak



Gross news that’s already making my skin crawl. Bed bugs have infested the Scotiabank theater in Toronto, home of various press & industry screenings for next month’s Toronto International Film Festival. With the Nation turning their back on DDT (the chemical originally used to kill the near-extinct biting bugs), there have been various outbreaks that appear to be out of control (especially in New York). With most of Hollywood flying out for the fest, will they be packing up the bugs and bringing ’em back in their luggage? I think so. Anyways, in the wake of all of the insanity, the outbreak has been so widely publicized that a long-dead project is being rejuvenated. Heat Vision reports that producers Beau Flynn and Tripp Vinson of Contrafilm are reactivating Bedbugs, Carter Blanchard’s tale of a small town infested with a species of killer bugs that come at night and burrow inside a person, killing from the inside. New Line optioned this back in 2004 and has since put the project in turnaround.
Super, super gross.

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