'Extinction - The G.M.O. Chronicles' Trailer Looks Familiar - Bloody Disgusting
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‘Extinction – The G.M.O. Chronicles’ Trailer Looks Familiar



The opening voice-over for the Extinction trailer implores you to “imagine a virus killing everyone but you”. Shouldn’t be too hard. I think this is more or less the conceit behind every movie where zombies take over the world. Sure, it’s not always a “virus”, but the concept of a violent and isolating pandemic is pretty much central to most of these movies.

This is all fine, I suppose. Do I wish people would cool it with the zombie movies? Yes. I would prefer to have only 36 or so of those a year. But still, in the end, good movies are good movies and bad movies are bad movies, regardless of genre. For example – I like good zombie movies and I hate bad zombie movies. So far… this does not look like a good zombie movie. Though I will say that some of the designs look cool, especially given the nature of the film’s budget.

But it does exist. So here’s the trailer for Extinction. Directed by Niki Drozdowski and starring Daniel Buder as German Will Smith.

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