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TV: [Next On] Dead in the ‘American Horror Story’ Walls



Last night’s episode of FX’s “American Horror Story” was even better than the one before, and so on. Each episode is building towards something potentially epic – and one story told in the episode by Constance’s (Jessica Lange) friend ties it all together with the coming of the Antichrist. What has Tate (Evan Peters) been up to?

Inside you’ll find a preview of next Wednesday’s episode 01.10 “Smoldering Children” where Violet learns about the rules of the house. The truth about Larry’s condition is explained. And Constance is interrogated by the police. Where is this all leading? I can’t wait for the hour and a half finale!!!

“American Horror Story” revolves around the Harmons, a family of three who moved from Boston to Los Angeles as a means to reconcile past anguish. Check out a brand new teaser for the next show that airs Wednesday nights at 10PM ET/PT only on FX.

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