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Horror In Your House: January 3rd, 2012



Happy New Year! Hope you all successfully navigated your NYE and, most importantly, that none of you now require an interlock device to start your vehicle. This is a light week on the release front, but we do get two high profile flicks from last year. First up is the Guillermo Del Toro produced (semi-directed) remake of the famous ’70s made for TV horror flick, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark. Also washing up to shore this week is Shark Night 3D. Horror In Your House
January 3rd, 2012

DON’T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK (DVD/Blu-ray) – Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Del Toro and Matthew Robbins penned the adaptation of a 1973 ABC telepic, penned by Nigel McKeand. Directed by Troy Nixey, when a little girl (Bailee Madison) is sent to live with her father (Guy Pearce) and his girlfriend (Katie Holmes) in the old mansion they are renovating, she unwittingly unleashes malevolent creatures bent on destroying all of them.

MICAH SAYS: I noticed this didn’t make anyone’s (besides an honorable mention from Mr. D) in our annual best and worst of lists. Which makes sense, while it has some genuinely creepy moments (not to mention some of the best posters of the year) it falls flat and ends up being average. I’ll still take it over any of the other remakes that were crapped out last year. PICK OF THE WEEK.

SHARK NIGHT 3D (DVD/Blu-ray) – 20th Century Fox

The story revolves around seven male and female college friends who spend a weekend at a lake house in Louisiana’s Gulf area. When their vacation quickly becomes a nightmare of hellish shark attacks, unheard of in freshwater lakes, they soon discover that the sharks are part of a sick, greedy plan on the part of several locals.

MICAH SAYS: The only thing this film did for me was wish for Piranha 3DD. I had high hopes, but capping this movie at PG-13 seemed to be the death blow for this flick. The very things that made Piranha 3D campy fun were sadly absent here. I wanted to like this movie too. I really did.


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