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Robert Hall’s Almost Human Blends Digital and Practical FX For ‘WER’



Bloody Disgusting learned today that Robert Hall and his newly re-branded Almost Human Inc. is tackling the Makeup and Visual Effects for WER, the found footage werewolf flick shooting next month in Romania.

The Devil Inside‘s William Brent Bell will direct from a screenplay by longtime collaborator Matthew Peterman. It takes place in police station with the suspect turning into a werewolf.

Hall has embraced the hybrid approach of both practicle and digital effects work as seen in his Laid to Rest films, alongside Don Coscarelli’s forthcoming John Dies at The End, “Wilfred,” and the Steven Schnieder (Paranormal Activity, Tall Man) produced Sxtape, among others.

It makes sense,” says Hall. “I’ve been trying to achieve the perfect balance of digital and practical on my films for years and so many folks have taken notice that we just cant keep it to ourselves anymore…it’s growing, and making the company stronger.” He continues, “I’ve done several movies with Steven Schneider and I really loved the script for WER. Matt, Brian and Morris really know what they want and are not afraid to collaborate. I’m very excited about what we’re making together on this picture.

Hall jokes: “Its juicy…in all the right places…


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