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‘Slender: Source’ Aims To Bring Slenderman And Multiplayer Into One Terrifying Package



If you haven’t heard of a little indie horror game called Slender, than I recommend you check it out. It’s free, and it’s shit-out-your-spine terrifying. I actually enjoyed watching other people play it more than I did when I played it myself, because the reactions are priceless. For the uninitiated, Slender has you running around a forest collecting eight pages of a diary. With each page you collect, the Slenderman gets closer to creeping up behind your unsuspecting ass so he can do whatever it is he does to his victims. It’s freaky, and that’s thanks to the tension that builds up as you hunt for the pages while something else hunts for you. The music is pretty fantastic too. Now, it looks like the Slenderman legend could be getting the multiplayer treatment, as well as a graphical overhaul and new features (it’ll essentially be an entirely new game) in a new mod dubbed Slender: Source. More after the jump.

From the ModDB website,

“Now, our aim with this game/mod is to really frighten players, and give them that experience we will want & crave for when we play a horror game, or even watch a horror film. That feeling of being scared. With Slender: Source, players will be able to play with up to three of their friends and traverse a variety of environments trying to uncover who/what the Slenderman really is, all while collecting strange little dolls that resemble children; which the player can try figuring out the purpose of these dolls. Were they victims of the Slenderman, or are they just normal, creepy, dolls? That decision comes up the player’s imagination. So, yes that’s right. We’re making a multiplayer version of the Slenderman story, and we’ve gotten inspiration by the game “Slender” which was a Unity project developed by Parsec Productions in which you must avoid looking at the Slenderman to go insane. It’s a wonderful, and terrifying experience which everyone should check out, which you can find right here as well as some gameplay of the said game, to hopefully interest you in what WE plan on doing with the legend, and the creature.”

This isn’t an HD remake, it’s an entirely new game based on the Slenderman that’s received quite a bit of extra attention thanks to Parsec’s Slender game. If you want to try Slender, you can get it from this website. Feel free to play the game and share your Slender stories with us in the comments below!

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