Stephen King Doesn't "Get" Remaking 'Carrie' - Bloody Disgusting
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Stephen King Doesn’t “Get” Remaking ‘Carrie’



Even though the announcement implied author Stephen King would be “game” for MGM and Screen Gems’ rehashing of Carrie through his relationship with writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (he wrote the graphic novel version of King’s “The Stand”), in actuality the horror icon doesn’t see the point.

I’ve heard rumblings about a ‘Carrie’ remake, as I have about ‘The Stand’ and ‘It.’ Who knows if it will happen?” King tells Entertainment Weekly. “The real question is why, when the original was so good? I mean, not ‘Casablanca,’ or anything, but a really good horror-suspense film, much better than the book. Piper Laurie really got her teeth into the bad-mom thing. Although Lindsay Lohan as Carrie White… hmmm. It would certainly be fun to cast,” he jokes. “I guess I could get behind it if they turned the project over to one of the Davids: Lynch or Cronenberg.

As I’ve stated before, a good movie is a good movie…yet Bloody’s BC is probably right, they’ll just end up hiring the pushover who helmed both remakes of The Stepfather and Prom Night. The studio is sure to burn this to the ground…


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