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Is ‘Evil Dead’ Actually A Sequel?!



FilmDistrict’s new Evil Dead is one of the most important genre films in the past few years. It’s one that could make or break what kind of movies studios make in the next 5 years. We personally fell in love with the first image and trailer, which is why I’ve been weeding through everything hoping to find a needle in the haystack. Through my morning of screen-grabbing (100 high resolution images coming right up!), I came across something that could be potentially HUGE (but then again, it could be nothing).

As many of you Sam Raimi fanatics know, his 1973 Delta 88 Oldsmobile makes a cameo in all of his films beginning with his 1981 The Evil Dead. In the latest installment, in theaters April 12, 2013, director Fede Alvarez has put the same car in as a prop. This drops a bomb of questions with the two main ones being: is this just an homage, or is this potentially the same vehicle Ash (Bruce Campbell) drove in the original trilogy? This car cameo could actualy mean that the new Evil Dead is a direct sequel to the first film. Could these demons have already feasted on the souls of the characters from the 1981 film? Perhaps it takes place in that universe alone and ignores Evil Dead 2 and Army Of Darkness (if I remember correctly, the car gets sucked in a vortex and goes back in time in those)? And if you look at the below images, the exact same light is smashed!

Am I reading too much into this? Probably. Still, it’s kind of a cool cameo that deserves a look. Check out Jane Levy taking a drag and writing something down atop the 1973 Delta 88 Oldsmobile.

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