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Review: ‘Repossessed’ #1



Out with the little girl puking green vomit doing 360 head spins, and in with mass possession by freakish demonic beings. This new take on possession is what JM Ringuet has cooked up for Image as they drop their new horror book, Repossessed. Possession shows up all over the board in horror, sometimes it’s in the form of someone talking in tongues and other times it’s more intense with body manipulation and wall crawling. This book takes a different approach when it comes to possession cases and an even more unique way of “taking care” of those who are possessed.

ART BY: JM Ringuet
PUBLISHER: Image Comics
PRICE: 2.99
RELEASE DATE: January 9th

“Repossessed” #1 is pretty easy to slip into. It starts with and advertisement for the Dee Agency which gives a quick rundown of what the series will be about. Essentially it’s a team of bounty hunters who are hired to exorcise demons from people hence the “Repossessed”. The issue starts off with a bang really getting the reader familiarized with the nature of the story and how it differs from other books that revolve around possession.

The demons in this book are different from what I have come across. Even in comics that concentrate purely on earthbound demons, they never resemble the creations that JM has thought. The main characters Joe, Clay and Martha show their roles early as each of them offer different attributes to the group.

The flow and pace of the book is fast and easy to slip into, JM shows that this first issue isn’t going to be just a generic introduction; it starts off quickly and never slows down as the team go from one job to another. The story isn’t simply generic run of the mill demon story, there are elements of crime that relate to everyday life. The fact that they’re offering a service makes this book a different breed from hero-type demon books. Unfortunately the dialogue, though there was some good wit, is lacking. The exchanges between characters was lack luster throughout the book, taking away from the otherwise fun world.

The art has a unique look that mixes realism with cartoon; characters, environments, and even the demons have qualities that give them a life-like appearance with a subtle sketchiness that gives them a refined cartoon look. The art of this issue is much stronger than the writing.

“Repossessed” is fun read that makes up for its lack of script with a cool story and nice done art. I’m interested to see how it progresses, if it continues to develop or runs flat after its debut issue.

3/5 Skulls

Reviewed by – Green Bastard


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