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[Indie Horror Spotlight] Adam Plays ‘Slender: The Arrival’



I like to fancy myself an enthusiast of the horror genre. I’m experienced, desensitized, some might say. For some reason, all that experience goes out the window when I play a game like Slender: The Arrival — the “reimagining” of Mark Hadley’s The Eight Pages, which you probably remember taking the Internet by storm last summer. It’s a collaborative effort between Hadley, Blue Isle Studios, and Marble Hornets creators Joseph DeLage, Troy Wagner and Tim Sutton. It’s terrifying. If you’d like a good laugh, feel free to watch me try and play it after the jump.

For the uninitiated, The Arrival takes everything that made The Eight Pages so scary — namely, collecting pages while being chased through a forest by a mysterious, shadowy figure — while adding to it an actual story, gorgeous visuals, new music, and levels. Slenderman isn’t the only thing you’ll be running from this time around.

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If you think you’re brave enough, you can buy Slender: The Arrival for $9.99 here.

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