[BD Review] Brad Says 'Pacific Rim' Is a Must-See Extravaganza!! - Bloody Disgusting
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[BD Review] Brad Says ‘Pacific Rim’ Is a Must-See Extravaganza!!



Warners releases Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim this Friday in theaters everywhere (some places even earlier – check your local listings), and now Brad writes in with his review. I tend to agree, Pacific Rim is an experience you won’t regret. While there are some minor character hiccups and missed opportunities, I had a total blast with it! See it on the biggest screen possible and in 3D even, as this is the rare post-convert that actually benefits the film.

From Brad’s take, “Pacific Rim, beyond its flaws, is truly a gorgeous, stunning and magnificent summer spectacle. It’s balls-to-the-wall batshit crazy – a must-see summer extravaganza that delivers more than what’s promised in the trailers, and will also tickle that childhood nerve that begs to be nurtured.

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