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[Random Cool] Incredible ‘Ghostbusters’ Limited Edition Print!



We just received a press release for an absolutely incredible Ghostbusters art print from Strange Kids Club!

“Let’s face it; we may never get to see a true Ghostbusters sequel in this lifetime. The first film was both funny and original, concepts modern day Hollywood has seemed to abandon. More than that, the film was about the characters and the actors that portrayed them – from Bill Murray’s smug Peter Venkman to Sigourney Weaver’s smart, sexy Dana Barrett.

Inspired by the great characters that have made Ghostbusters such an enduring classic, StrangeKidsClub.com commissioned Peruvian artist Vlad Rodriguez to create our latest print, which showcases the entire Ghostbusters cast in the artist’s signature “modern meets classic” style.

This is truly one of our most stunning prints yet, and it’s limited to only 50 copies at just $35 each!”

Click here to order.


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