[Remember This?] When Chucky Finally Comes Alive In 'Child's Play'! - Bloody Disgusting
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[Remember This?] When Chucky Finally Comes Alive In ‘Child’s Play’!



Last night I found myself watching Child’s Play on HBO Go, and the person I was watching it with had never seen the film before. There’s a certain inherent awkwardness when you’re introducing a person to a film you’ve already seen, especially if its been years since you watched the thing (the case last night).

Luckily, Child’s Play more or less holds up (though it’s a lot funnier than I remember) but it’s easy to forget how differently the movie plays to a new initiate before and after Chucky finally goes off his “Good Guy” script and starts talking like Charles Lee Ray. After all, us horror fans have likely seen the four existing sequels and are well aware of Chucky’s penchant for foul-mouthed hijinks.

So as the movie sped along (and Child’s Play moves fast, it’s much better paced than I remembered) I found myself giddily awaiting this one moment. The “make or break” scene that would dictate if my viewing partner could accept the rest of the film.

And, of course, they dug it. Why? Because it’s f*cking awesome!