[Indie Horror Spotlight] 'Montague's Mount' Is Haunting, Bleak And Ambitious - Bloody Disgusting
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[Indie Horror Spotlight] ‘Montague’s Mount’ Is Haunting, Bleak And Ambitious



Created by Polypusher Studios, a one-man development team founded and comprised of developer Matt Clifton, Montague’s Mount is an ambitious indie horror game set on a remote island. It follows a fisherman who wakes up lost and alone after his ship wrecks, leaving him stranded on a mysterious island that hides a dangerous secret. Montague’s Mount is a modern horror game that brings with it a few staples of the survival horror genre, including difficult puzzles and an atmosphere thick with dread. The haunting soundtrack is one thing that really stood out for me — it’s really quite amazing.

I was given the chance to preview an early build of the game, which releases on PC, Mac and Linux on October 9th. It’s also seeking distribution on Steam via Steam Greenlight. Watch me spend some time with this bleak and beautiful game after the break!

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