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The Indie Horror Game ‘Alas Mortis’ Sounds Like ‘Jeepers Creepers’ Meets ‘Damned’



Lately, I’ve been primarily covering indie horror games that have either hit Steam Greenlight or are already on the way. Alas Mortis is neither, as it’s still just a concept, but it sounds intriguing enough to warrant a mention.

From a former developer of Faceless, according to the project’s Indie DB page Alas Mortis is a “multiplayer deathmatch, survival-horror game where a group of citizens are trying to survive the hungry jaws of some type of flying, bat-like demonoid.” It sounds like Damned meets Jeepers Creepers and if that doesn’t excite you, I don’t know what will.

Unlike most horror games that tend to throw you into a terrifying situation alone, Alas Mortis will be built with multiplayer in mind, with nine players taking on the role of everyday people and another playing as the demon.

It’s a “terrifying game of hide & seek” where you survive or you hunt. The best part? It will be free-to-play, with two maps that will be available in the early-access version and more coming soon after.

It sounds like a good time. For now, all we have is some concept art, so you’ll need to use your imagination to picture what the actual game will look and play like.

Interested? You can follow the game here.

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