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‘The Forest’ Has An Ending, But Finding It Is Optional



If you’re unfamiliar with the open world survival horror game, The Forest, it takes the singular goal of survival pioneered in games like DayZ and blends it with the building and resource scavenging of Minecraft and the terrifying unfamiliarity of films like The Descent and Cannibal Holocaust. It looks absolutely terrifying, and not only because of the games and films that inspired it.

In a recent chat with Eurogamer, Endnight Games creative director Ben Falcone shared some more details on the upcoming horror game, including the welcome idea of not encumbering players with annoying hand-holding — a decision made at least in part because of the numerous games that take the opposite approach, choosing instead to burden the player with a messy HUD, objective markers, tips, and more.

The Forest won’t tell you where to go, it won’t even tell you how to beat it.

“There is a way to end it, but I think a lot of players will play without ending the game or even realising that there is an ending,” Falcone expained.

The ending will be there, but it’s up to the player to seek it out. It’s entirely optional. Instead of focusing on the end-game, The Forest is all about survival. Exploration is key, too, but the two go hand-in-hand as you’ll need to explore to survive. If you like to boast your accomplishments to your friends, there will be leaderboards that track how long you last, and if you’re particularly hardcore, there will even be an option to switch on permadeath. The decision to shy away from providing objectives or a clear end goal is intriguing, but if Falcone’s comments are any indication, it sounds like it’s a decision that was made early on.

“Our goal was a never-ending type game – with an ending.”

Head on over to Eurogamer for the full interview.

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