[BD Review] Evan Says 'Devil's Due' Develops Into A Dark, Bloody Frenzy! - Bloody Disgusting
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[BD Review] Evan Says ‘Devil’s Due’ Develops Into A Dark, Bloody Frenzy!



While Fox’s Devil’s Due wasn’t properly screened for critics, Bloody Disgusting is excited to bring you the first ever review of Radio Silence’s modern day Rosemary’s Baby.

Evan Dickson writes in with his review, saying that Fox really went dark with this found-footage horror, and that it builds into one hell of a bloody frenzy!

You may be a bit surprised (pleasantly so, in my case) by how dark they’re willing to get,” explains Dickson in his review. “Studio found footage movies tend to feel PG-13 or wimp out altogether when it comes to their climax. Not Devil’s Due. It works itself up into a nice, bloody frenzy that should satisfy hardcore horror fans and might even shock the causal filmgoer.

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