Steam Summer Sale Day 9: Alma's Waiting - Bloody Disgusting
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Steam Summer Sale Day 9: Alma’s Waiting



Steam’s Summer Sale is still here, and it’s still offering cheap games. I’ve made it my mission to sift through the bevy of sales to find the best horror deals Steam has to offer. Today’s highlights include F.E.A.R. for $2.49 (75% off) and Alan Wake for $4.50 (85% off) — but that’s not all.

If you’d like to exercise your love for democracy, you can vote here to ensure the next batch of community picked discounts cover some pretty fantastic horror games. If the horror games win, we’ll extend Alan Wake’s $4.50 price tag for another eight hours, as well as see Outlast for $4.99 (75% off), Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs for $8.99 (55% off), and Dead Space for $9.99 (50% off). If it’s cheap scares you want, you can totes make it happen.


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