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The 5 Most Evil Corporations in Horror Games!



If you’re a fan of horror games, you’re undoubtedly already very familiar with the ‘evil corporation does bad stuff then tries to cover it up before anyone notices’ story point that gets used in so many horror games. It’s not original, but it is effective. That’s because it’s easy to use a giant, greedy, faceless corporation as a symbol for evil. With the possible exception of fanboys and girls who eagerly visit Internet forums to loudly voice their support for Microsoft or Sony in the pointless “console war”, most folks are aware of the fact that these companies care more about our wallets than they ever will us.

Some video games have taken this concept of the emotionless, soulless corporate entity a step further by turning it into the cause of whatever’s going wrong. Oh, there’s a zombie nibbling on your face? A company did that. You missed the last episode of The Strain? That was a company’s fault, too. You should post an angry tweet about it.

Companies have been made responsible for some truly atrocious things in video games. Like, say, a technology corporation that experiments on a little girl with psionic powers and creates a clone army of genetically engineered super soldiers to do their bidding.

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