Rob Zombie Wants to Make 'Devil's Rejects' Sequel (or Prequel) - Bloody Disgusting
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Rob Zombie Wants to Make ‘Devil’s Rejects’ Sequel (or Prequel)



Rob Zombie’s a pretty polarizing director in the horror world. Folks seem to either love or loathe his films. For those on the love side of the fence, many argue that The Devil’s Rejects is his best film. It’s gained one helluva cult following over the years but seeing another film with Otis, Captain Spauling, and Baby is rather unlikely.

(SPOILER) Though they met their maker during the grisly climax, Zombie stated in an interview included in the Fangoria Legends issue that he’d love to revisit the characters again if he had the chance:

“I’ve always thought I’d like to make another movie, because I love the characters, and I have an idea I think is solid for a third one – an idea that would make sense. The problem is, I don’t own the characters now. They’re owned by Lionsgate, and they just don’t have any desire to do anything. So it isn’t me not doing it because I don’t want to; I don’t have the ability to get it done.”

You can pick up the Fangoria Legends Presents Rob Zombie issue on their website.