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‘Alien: Isolation’ Trailer Details Its Survivor Mode



In the latest trailer for Alien: Isolation we’re introduced to its Survivor Mode. This mode is their way of extending the life of the game, as it drops Ripley into an environment from the campaign, gives her a few things to do (find X items, etc.), a time limit, and motivation to do well via a score that’s posted on the leaderboard following a successful run.

Alien: Isolation will ship with only one Survivor Mode map. If you want the rest, you’ll have to pay for them. Sega will be adding to it through five DLC packs they hope to have out by March.

The first pack comes with three Survivor maps, a new playable character and what sounds like multiple new enemy types. It arrives on Oct 28.

Alien: Isolation is scheduled to release on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on October 7.


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