This is How That 'Alien: Isolation' Egg Pod Was Made - Bloody Disgusting
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This is How That ‘Alien: Isolation’ Egg Pod Was Made



Even if you’re like me and can’t count yourself among the lucky few who were able to see it in person, I’m sure you remember that badass giant alien egg pod Sega made that served as an incredibly cool way to demo Alien: Isolation at games conventions. Public gaming events aren’t great places to demo a horror game, but Sega found a clever way to work around that.

The egg pod made an appearance at a bunch of cons, including PAX Prime and San Diego Comic-Con, and now we get to see how it was made.

In semi-related news, if you were wondering whether or not Sega has any more of those vignettes left, they’ve confirmed that video we got last Thursday was the last of them.

Alien: Isolation arrives on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on October 7.


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