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New Footage Explores the Eerie, Sci-fi World of ‘Stasis’



Despite my getting into video games at an early age, back when the point-and-click genre was at its most popular, I’ve never been able to discover a hidden enthusiasm I might possess deep within me for the beloved genre. Granted, this is almost entirely due to a lack of trying on my part, as I have limited free time now and there are so many games I’d like to play. If ever there was a game that could finally draw me in, it’d be the sci-fi horror game Stasis.

There’s a lot to love about the bleak world developer Chris Bischoff has created for Stasis, from its impressive graphical fidelity to the smartly crafted scares, which are made more effective by its atmospheric environments and a haunting soundtrack from Fallout composer Mark Morgan.

It may borrow some ideas from Dead Space, mostly in regards to its art style and setting, but what it takes as inspiration is woven into the game world until it feels familiar, but not necessarily borrowed.

I’ve spent some time with its demo, which you can download free of charge over here. Otherwise, you can see my first impressions of this promising horror game in the video below.

We still don’t know when Stasis will release, but when it does it’ll come to PC.