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‘Five Nights at Freddy’s Is About to Get Even Scarier



It wouldn’t be a stretch to call Five Nights at Freddy’s the Slender: The Eight Pages of 2014. Everyone’s talking about, and much of that discussion revolves around how unbelievably unnerving it can be. Taking advantage of this is Fazbear Entertainment, a mod that adds asymmetrical multiplayer to the creepy game, pitting four animatronic baddies against one ill-equipped security guard, all player-controlled.

The only thing that’s scarier than being trapped in a building with murderous animatronic creatures is when those murderous creatures are being controlled by other players.

It’s still very early in development — it’s only about 5-10% content complete according to the developer — but I don’t imagine we’ll be getting sick of the Five Nights games anytime soon, so they have time to get this finished.

For more on the Fazbear Entertainment mod, you can follow it on on Steam. If you’d like to watch me lose my mind playing Five Nights at Freddy’s 2, you can do just that with the video below.


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