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[FEAR Awards] The Best New Name in Horror!



When a fresh batch of consoles arrives it usually takes about a year, sometimes more, for developers to get familiar enough with them for us to start seeing games that really take advantage of the new technology. We’re only taking our initial steps into Year Two, yet one look at the games coming later this year and you might think the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One had been out for much longer than that.

As much as I am looking forward to the plethora of new horror IPs 2015 undoubtedly has in store for us — some we already know of — we shouldn’t forget about the handful of promising new IPs that released last year.

Below you’ll find six games that we believe have the most potential to become the next big thing. The hard part’s over, now it’s up to you to choose the best of them.

Greatest Gore | Scariest Game | Best Monster | Best Multiplayer | Most Original
Best DLC | Best New IP | Most Disappointing | Best Indie | Horror Game of the Year

For the unfamiliar, The FEAR Awards is your chance to pick the best and worst horror games of the year. I’ll reveal a new category and its respective nominees every day until Jan 10. From there, voting will remain open until Jan 15, followed by a reveal of all of the winners on Jan 16.


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