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‘World War Z’ Slate Wiped Clean



Brad Pitt and Paramount Pictures’ World War Z was an epic disaster that transformed into an epic success. Behind the scenes, there were tons of rewrites and reshoot, including a new finale that wasn’t nearly as climactic and violent as having zombie heads spliced off with a decapitating gun.

Being such a huge box office success, it was no surprise that a sequel was quickly put into development. Only, it’s been awhile, and we haven’t heard much.

IndieWire caught up with Steven Knight, the sequel’s screenwriter, who had this brief update:

“I thought, ‘why not? What fun.’” said Knight on his decision to take a crack at the script. “It’s not quite like the other; we’re starting with clean slate. When they’ve signed off [Paramount and Plan B], we’re on.”

For whatever reason, the interviewer never follows up, so it’s unclear what “clean slate” means. Did they start the screenplay from scratch or are they abandoning Pitt’s storyline and starting from scratch? I’m not exactly sure why they’d continue the franchise without Pitt, so the former seams more likely.

As of this writing, shooting could start as early as October 2015.


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