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5 Horror Movies That Could’ve Made Better Games!



We see it all the time. Movies becoming games, games becoming movies. It’s become an increasingly common trend over the years as the technology behind modern video games has helped the medium inch inexorably closer to matching the cinematic quality of blockbuster films.

As games continue to mature, works like BioShock Infinite, The Last of Us and Mass Effect, among others, have managed to be both cinematic and substantial, with stories, characters and worlds that are able to match the best of what movies have to offer.

The relationship between these two similar industries is why you’re reading this, possibly in your pajamas. Was I right about the pajamas? I thought so. The topic for today is 5 horror movies that could’ve made better video games, or the reverse of last month.

Seeing as I mostly write about video games here on Bloody Disgusting, I’m sure there are plenty of you who will have ideas that are much better fits for this list than what I’ve come up with. If you reach the end of this list and believe that to be true, feel free to share your picks in the comments!

Oh, and please keep in mind that this isn’t a list of “bad” horror movies. If you spot something here that you’re particularly fond of, its inclusion isn’t indicative of a lack of quality. I’ve chosen these films because I believe they each have the potential to be more successful as video games.

Informative introduction? Check. Remind readers to comment? Check. Unnecessary disclaimer? Check. Let’s go!

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