Disney Characters Meet Freddy, Michael, and More!
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Disney Characters Meet Freddy, Michael, and Even the Creature From the Black Lagoon!



José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros – Horrorland

Some things are so obvious you kick yourself for not thinking of it first.

DisHollywood is José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros’ latest visual project which attempts to re-mix beloved characters from fairy tales with other entertainment icons from the world of cinema, celebrity and music, explains the site.

This exhibition pays tribute to the world of Hollywood, and the influence that film, television and music video has had on contemporary pop culture. It is a collection of visual curiosities that pushes the audience to reimagine the world of pop as a personalized mash-up with the freedom to merge situations, rewrite the script, and provide new dialogue in alternative scenarios to tell new stories.

DisHollywood is also a barometer for measuring our tolerance and acceptance levels; a new way of observing the “happy ending” that trumpets the time of equality is now. In contrast to the baroque fantasy implied by the original, idealized presentation of these characters, a new context of social vulnerability shows the darker side of our contemporary society.

The full gallery is extraordinary, and features a wonderful blend of Disney (Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel, The Beast, Hercules) and Hollywood (Hannibal, Edward Scissorhands, Gizmo, The Joker, Catwoman, Clockwork Orange) characters. Some are simple and clever, like A Nightmare On Elm Street‘s Freddy Krueger appearing in Sleeping Beauty, while other teeter on offensive (my favorite!), like the wicked stepsisters holdings a dildo. Which ones are your favs? I wish I had $1,200 to nab one of these bad boys…

All images are courtesy of José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros and are for sale on this website. Thanks to Joe Hui for the tip.