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‘Dead Island 2’ Wish List



It’s been awhile since we last heard from Dead Island 2, the promising follow-up to Techland’s duo of open-world zombie hack ’em ups that’s been placed in the extremely capable hands of Spec Ops: The Line developer Yager.

What they’ve been willing to share with us so far points to its being the sequel that fans of the series deserve — a zanier, more colorful game that eschews the serious tone shared by Dead Island and its pseudo-sequel Riptide for something more lighthearted and self aware.

Yager is taking the series in the direction I hoped Capcom would take with their Dead Rising games. Each open-world series has stubbornly refused to reach its potential, choosing instead to be as safe as possible, only occasionally flirting with its wacky nature without ever really committing to it.

My hope is that Dead Island 2 will prove phenomenally successful and Capcom will see it and realize it’s a viable path for their franchise.

That might not happen, but I still have plenty of things I’d like to see from this game, starting with…

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