First Look at NECA's 'Alien: Isolation' Amanda Ripley Figure - Bloody Disgusting
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First Look at NECA’s ‘Alien: Isolation’ Amanda Ripley Figure



Ripley’s daughter Amanda probably didn’t have as much fun in Alien: Isolation as we did, but she survived the Sevastapol’s numerous horrors, and now she’s being immortalized in plastic and paint as the newest addition to NECA’s growing line of toys that I, as an official adult, want to own.

Spotted by Toy News International, this 7″ figure of Amanda Ripley is one of what could become a line of Isolation figures. A figure in a spacesuit was also spotted, but who or what that one is has yet to be announced. If NECA is taking requests from future birthday boys (July 11), I suggest they tackle the Working Joe next. I’d very much like to take two of those home with me so I can set one on the mantle while I melt the other’s stupid plastic face for causing me so much grief.



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