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David Plays God in ‘Alien: Covenant’ and Creates New Xenomorph Monsters!?




Even before Ridley Scott’s Prometheus went behind cameras information was leaking out by the truckload. At the time it was all considered rumor and speculation, only at the end of the day most – if not all of it – was correct.

Scott is looking at February/March to begin production on Alien: Covenant, his Prometheus sequel set for launch on October 6, 2017.

While most filmmakers shroud their productions in secrecy, Scott has always been chatty, and reveals all sorts of spoiler-y goodies from his upcoming films. For examples, he’s prematurely announced the title (twice now), explained that the film will reveal a destroyed Engineer planet, and also revealed plans for an expanded universe that will eventually bridge directly into his 1979 Alien.

Oh, and he told of a new origin story for the elusive Xenomorphs.

The latter is important here as we dive into the following scoop, which comes courtesy of Scified:

“The movie will have 2 Monsters, one is new and both are different yet similar to the Xeno DNA. The NEW Monster is a New Event, so it’s nothing created before the Events of the end of the First movie…. it’s created by an event in the movie… and this New Monster is going to be based off of the Original Concept that Alien drew influence from, and this idea is something they had planned with Spaights’ Ultramorph and so Gigers Necomonicon 4 is the starting point. This Monster will be transparent like a Jelly Fish to a degree…. and it’s hinted that David plays a part in its creation.

The movie won’t be going the route of an Alien movie, just we will see more clues and things that we can relate and make connection to the Xeno DNA and Bio-Mechanics of the Engineers. The movie will loosely touch up on themes that can connect to the Prometheus Mythos and the Bible but more in respect to the Paradise Lost version of events but again loosely.

They won’t be going a full blown Ancient Aliens in detail on us, just we can make subtle links to themes, such as Rebellion, Order of Creation (that has multiple layers that does not start with the Engineers and does not end with David). Stealing of Forbiden Knowledge and Fire and how playing God and going against God always has dire consequences.”

If this were to prove true, it would connect to my own theory as to what the title Alien: Covenant means.

I also love the furthering of Michael Fassbender’s character, David, who now truly plays God on the Engineers’ planet.

The site further adds another thing to consider – “…the motivation behind this new alienis Spaihts’ ‘Ultramorph’, which played a role in his original draft for ‘Prometheus’ entitled ‘Alien: Engineers.’ In his draft, an Engineer gave birth to an Alien, but because the Engineer is much larger and more powerful than a human – as the Alien draws traits from its host – the spawn was known as the ‘Ultramorph’ and towered over its human-born cousins. The concept was scrapped for the first film, but concept art reveals what the creature would’ve looked like…”


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