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‘The 7th Guest’ to Become Web Series!



My family was a little bit late in getting a real desktop computer. We had the Apple IISE for a while but that thing could barely run anything, let alone a game. No, it took until I was about 8 or 9 until we got a full system. It was one of those hulking behemoths that took up vast amounts of space but, god dammit, it was awesome! And along with the computer came a game that would become a huge part of my childhood: The 7th Guest.

The point-and-click horror puzzle game challenged not only my wits and intelligence but also my fear and terror. The story of Tad and his terrifying adventures in the Stauf Mansion was one that stuck with me and I replayed the game over and over again, relishing the pervasive horror atmosphere. I also did the same with the sequel, The 11th Hour, which was a far darker game.

Today I learned that the series is coming back in a new way via a web series! Directed by John Johnson and executively produced by Rob Landeros, the 10-episode series is being created by Darkstone Entertainment in association with Trilobyte Games, the creators of the original games, and production begins in March.

Confirmed to appear in the series are James Rolfe (the Angry Video Game Nerd) and, be still my heart, Robert Hirschboeck, who played Henry Stauf in the original games!

Below is a teaser trailer for the series and you can learn more about it, including buying the season pass which allows you to watch it 2 weeks before release, at the official website.

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