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Things Remain Tense When “The Walking Dead” Returns



The last we saw of AMC’s “The Walking Dead“, Abraham, Sasha, and Daryl were stopped on the road by a group of motorcycle riding thugs who demanded their weapons, all in the name of Negan. This cliffhanger mid-season finale introduced us to a character that is known from the comics for being incredibly ruthless, vicious, and uncompromising, which obviously makes a lot of fans super excited to see him in action!

Today, AMC has released the first four minutes of the show’s return and it starts off precisely where we left off. However, this time we’re seeing what happens next and, I’ve gotta be honest, it doesn’t look too good for a couple of the characters. You can watch it for yourself on AMC’s website or right down below.

I’ve gotta tell you, the guy who is playing the baddie in this scene is absolutely fantastic. He uses his body, expressions, and minor genuflections to really add emphasis and “oomph” to his lines, creating a charming yet incredibly unsettling character.

“The Walking Dead” returns to AMC this Sunday, February 14th. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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