Rumor: 'Dead Rising' May Be Headed to PS4 - Bloody Disgusting
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Rumor: ‘Dead Rising’ May Be Headed to PS4



Capcom may be taking a break from updating the older entries in their popular zombie-themed video game franchise to update the oldest entry in its other, somewhat less popular zombie-themed video game franchise because of course they are. Dead Rising has its tenth anniversary coming up later this year, we already know Capcom is super into re-releases, and it’s cheap advertising for the game’s Christmas-themed reimagining that’s expected this December on PC and Xbox One.

This is almost certainly happening, but here are some achievements for the unannounced port, if you’d like to have a look. Here’s that Dead Rising 4 trailer again, in case you’d like to spend the rest of your day with an endless loop of “Jingle Bell Rock” playing inside your head.


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