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That Awesome ‘Doom’ Weapon Mod is Now Live



After two months of development, the three-man team behind the Doom 4 Doom weapon mod made their July 18th deadline, releasing D4D 66 days after the arrival of the new Doom, the single-player arsenal from which this impressive mod brings — complete with a retro look and alternate fire mode for each weapon — to the classic Doom maps via GZdoom.

D4D features every weapon from the reboot’s story mode, so it does not currently include any of the multiplayer-exclusive weapons, such as the Hellshot or Vortex Rifle. The weapons still don’t need to be reloaded, and though each weapon mod works as it did in the reboot, there is no option to upgrade them. Instead, each weapon is in a “fixed upgrade state.”

“The mod tries to bring the weapons as accurately as possible in looks, behavior and timings,” explains its creators. “However, we also took some liberties regarding some behaviors and balance. For example, the “Double Trouble” super shotgun, when ported in here became extremely overpowered, so we increased ammo usage. Another instance is the “Gatling Rotator” mod for the chaingun, which makes it now fire explosive rounds at a slower rate.”

In addition to all of that, D4D introduces improved gore effects and a double-jump feature that can be toggled on or off. It makes no changes to enemy behavior so D4D should be compatible with most aesthetic mods, like enhanced texture packs. It does not add Glory Kills or ledge-grabbing.

Doom 4 Doom can be found over here, along with some instructions for installing it.


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